The intersection of health and premium

Brand Design, Responsive Ecommerce Design, Creative Direction, Photography/Video Direction, IA UX UI, Market/UX Research and Testing


When people walk into Williams-Sanoma or Sur La Table, they were having a premium experience. When they're looking for a blender a $350-$700 option is looking right back at them, and unless this is their 3rd time laying their eyes on such a prized possession, the next step in their journey is where their experience swiftly shifted from premium and confident to a desperate hail-mary of as much information could be crammed above the fold. The learning and purchasing activities were over complicated, and as result users bailed. This was not lost on executives and they embarked on a journey to clean their digital house.

A user's ability to learn and purchase was complicated and unclear.

I saw an opportunity to challenge pitch against Vitamix's AOR and settled in at my desk at 7am on bright Monday morning emerging only after 36 hours on Tuesday night (I'll sleep when I'm dead)to present to the COO, then our CEO Wednesday morning. The pitch was accepted and the rest of the week was spent planning and organizing internal and external key players.


Reduce sales cycle and increase sales on our digital properties

  • Map clear and deliberate paths to learning and purchase
  • Position Vitamix as a premium health brand
  • Clean up and streamline digital properties

Loyalty runs deep

When word finally got out that I was working on Vitamix people would pull me aside at weddings, funerals, baby blessings, and at the occasional party and tell me how much having a Vitamix machine had changed their life. They would credit the machine for bringing their drifting family together each morning to enjoy a healthy breakfast and family bonding. The details varied with each telling but the message was the same: "Vitamix made my life better." When approaching the layout and visual design for the site we looked to the machine itself to create a metaphor for bringing content to the people to make their lives better.

A Beautiful Pairing

We took care to present the foods you can make as proud and unapologetic proof that Vitamix machines produce the best. It does this with ease but is never out of reach; this satisfaction is available to any user.

Honest. Confident. Bold.

The clean and confident approach I took with product photography was the first notion of the Artisan + Natural + Fresh = Health equation. People generally found it difficult to understand the several hundred dollar price range of our packages. I set out to present the product as confidently and clearly as possible by adding hierarchy to primary and secondary items. A happy side benefit is that it also afforded us efficiencies in production allowing us to easily update packages without the need to reshoot.

From direct sales to direct service.

The value of the Vitamix lies in what you can put in and take out. With this in mind we developed an experience commensurate with our valuation, a place where prospects can swiftly glean whats offered and select the solution for their needs. When customers are here to buy, let's help them select happily.