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Vitamix's mission is to heal the world through their machines. It's an ambitious mission that's well within their reach, however, their former digital approach stifled progress. They struggled to communicate their value and outside of a small niche demographic, users were left confused and unable to value Vitamix appropriately. I had my work cut out for me, rolled up my sleeves and I lead them in the repositioning of their brand from a disparate collection of direct sales properties into a rich and cohesive premium offering. One of our first activities was to discover what the experience on the intersection of premium and health was like. We researched many brands and people and found a very compelling equation detailling how americans define health: Artisanal + Natural + Fresh = Health. Most compelling is that it reflects the cultural movement towards craft and authenticity: Premium. Though perhaps unorthodox, this equation served rightly as the basis for each aspect and delivery of the repositioning.


The architecture exudes this quiet dignity, serving as a presenter of content. Much like the machine itself the magic is what it holds and how it presents and connects. Confidence inspires confidence, this shift is evident in each detail. As in the food photography below we took much care to keep the end product free of shadows and other dramatic devices, standing as proud and unapologetic proof that Vitamix machines produce the best. It does this with ease but never out of reach, this satisfaction is available to any user.

My approach with product photography was actually the first notion of this confident approach carried through by the Artisan + Natural + Fresh = Health equation. People had a hard time understanding why our different packages spanned a several hundred dollar range. I set out to make it as clear as possible by showing in easily digestible ways the package contents while adding hierarchy to primary and secondary extras in each. It also helped us from a production standpoint, affording us the ability to update packages swiftly and without the need to reshoot.

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Cardstore Cardbuilder

Cardstore helps people easily make meaningful connections through their line of customizable print on demand greeting cards. Our user focused building of a better builder experience began with balancing users needs, brand objectives, "skating to where the puck's headed". Early on we established a few principles to influence our approach and support our main objective: Increase brand value by enhancing the product/user interaction. We separated utility from presentation, made the card hero, deleted all unnecessary obfuscation and built a builder that people love to use.


Adding photos used to be a pain. The interface covered the card and each time you made an adjustment you'd have to save and close out of the editor to see it. From a brand standpoint we wanted to be sure that users experienced the joy of seeing their card take form just as they hoped—increasing brand value through better user experience.

Some cards ship with 6-10 point type which doesn't render well on the majority of our users screens on top of that many of the typefaces designed for print consumption often had low x heights, to small counters and bowls often users were misspelling words, ultimately compromising their message.

We're all born with ten styluses, right? We saw an obvious huge opportunity to allow people to put "pen" to pad and add their personal signature. I mean, who wants to sign in Eye Catching Pro?

A very unexpected delight for users was the loupe function, born out of a concession during negotiations with tech it's extremely satisfying to see the swift shift from users slogging their way through previews, exiting as quickly as possible (some completely abandoning) to people relishing the experience and celebrating later viewing their creations in detail.

Goldman Sachs

"Goldman Sachs is a master at making money. Lately it has become a master at giving it away."There are two sides to every story and these are helping Goldman Sachs make significant strides from being the labled the "great vampire squid" to earning the leading slot on Yahoo Finance's 10 Most Improved Brands of 2013.

  • Design
  • Art Direction

In a focused approach to telling an honest story, the digital experience is largely black and white with small hits of Goldman blue which serve as beacons of progress leading users from external media buys to the stories within.


With MailChimp I had the unique opportunity to support the highly successful Power to the People campaign focused on small businesses and more importantly the designers, developers and marketing managers that set up email services for clients and employers. As should be no surprise, the results were exponential: starting with a healthy base of 80k users and shooting to 225k in 3 months, 450k in 12 months and over 3MM today.

  • Design
  • Concepting

The approach was based on communicating a transference of power by freeing people from crappy email service. Freddy is lay king and the people revere. We peppered the landscape (webscape?) with bits of techno rebel ephemera based ads which at the time meant distressed textures (oh how I don't miss 2009) but shoot if it wasn't super effective.

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Paint can refresh for the French Canadian market in Quebec. With it's sharp corners and crisp lines it's design reaches back to their craftsman era roots to communicate their dedication to their craft.

Sharing the tales of where you've been is at the heart of any traveler. Road Trippin' with AAA is an early stab at creating a platform for people to connect, share stories and generate a knowledge base for both future travelers' use and enable AAA maintain a greater quality network of providers.

Early in 2010 I designed (UX/UI) and co-developed the first mobile brand sites for The Hershey Co. chock full of CSS3 and HTML5 goodness affording users a lightweight and reliable Hershey brand experience.

Personal unpitched project looking at a way to extend the life of tired 15 year old beige computer speakers. Thus was born the Kid Robot/Cambridge Soundworks collab: MUNNYXSOUNDWORKS.

Hank helps organizations develop and realize strategic visions for branding and project initiatives by surfacing the harmony between business needs, cultural movements, competitive analysis, research, analytics, good ol’ fashioned creative conceptin’ and pixel pushin’. As a designer, he leads collaborative efforts with any combination of executive teams, stake holders, writers, UXers, and engineers to ensure vision and brand promise is properly extended into experiences that people love.

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