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Digital line busting

Congestion was rising at the cut counter creating space for boredom, dissatisfaction, and keeping shoppers from shopping.

Interactively mapped

Many maps in a retail space only inform a user of where, but lack the ability to help users quickly comprehend the value of individual points in a landscape or add efficiency to the journey.

Establishing a global design practice

Intuit's global offices each ran as a singular growth phase business and footing the bill for a design teams wasn't super attractive—to put it lightly


Project GO

Users weren't clear on or confident about the impact Quickbooks would have on their business and as a result, conversion suffered

Acquiring the very best

Expanding territory amongst the highest end of retailers requires a solid first impression to acquire high end talent.

XOXO, Cardstore

Cardstore users were fed up and bailed to the competition in droves. The experience was dated, disjointed, and each previous attempt to improve the experience was shelved for one "higher" priority or the next.


Intersecting health and premium

High end retail shoppers at Williams-Sanoma and Sur La Table would get stuck in the consideration phase after visiting Vitamix's decidedly non-premium and disparate collection of direct sales focused web properties.



Goldman Sachs

Design, Soul Selling, Repentance


Campaign Design

Cake / Sysco Labs


more to come, stay tuned

Hank Trefethen

I'm a designer focused on creating space for humans and brands to interact in delightful and profitable ways. I help organizations develop and translate strategic vision into digital product and responsive web experiences which deliver long-term value through surfacing harmony between person and program. I work well on agile teams, I'm also proficient in organizing and leading the collaborative efforts of any combination of executive teams, product owners, engineers, writers, and designers to deliver experiences people love.

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